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Mr. Steven
Address: 1,2 Floor K Building, Jin chang da Idustrial Park,Zhang keng jing ,Guan lan Town,Bao'an District, Shenzhen,ChinaEmail:
Categories:Printer MouldModel: Printer bezel panel Comments: Product description :plastic material: PC+ABS FR40 3-plate mould ,rib made by inserts ,pin point gate into subgate
产品描述:塑胶原料:PC+ABS FR40 产品说明:三板模具,加强骨拼镶,小水口转潜水
Categories:Printer MouldComments: Product description: plastic material: PC+ABS FR40 3-slides, cavity angle core pulling, pin point gate
Categories:Printer MouldModel: Copier paper machine Comments: Product description: plastic material: PC+ABS FR40 3-plate mould,all round slides
Categories:Printer MouldComments: Product description: plastic material: PC+ABS 3-plate mould, pin point into edge gate
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